About Me

Hi, my name is Matthew, thanks for visiting my portfolio! I'm an Experience Architecture student at Michigan State University and I'll be graduating Fall 2021. I've been working as a Full Stack Developer for 4 years but have slowly fallen in love with Front End development.

In the future I'll write about my projects in more detail. To be honest, writing about projects is boring.

Note: If you're a recruiter about to message me on LinkedIn, tell me your best joke!

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Case Studies

Here's some of my projects that I've worked on over the past few years.

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My Portfolio

This portfolio showcases my knowledge of creating a simple static site. It also describes some of the design decisions I made.

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Brand Guidelines screenshot
Brand Guidelines

Website built using Umbraco 8 for creating brand guidelines sites for clients. Showcases ASP.NET, Umbraco, and HTML templating.

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